Number Art Nightstand

For her “Big Guy’s” thirtieth birthday, Dana from Crafted Niche surprised him with a nightstand she picked up off of Craigslist and refabbed with some cool number art. Dana used a projector to trace on the number design and then painted it in with homemade chalk paint. While the outside is pretty amazing, Dana also customized the inside with dividers to hold the Big Guy’s beloved sunglass collection. She definitely gets some awesome girlfriend bragging rights for this gift!


The design on Dana’s nightstand was inspired by the Painted Numbers Canvas from Pottery Barn.


Check it out at Crafted Niche.


  1. Love the night stand with the numbers. Very nice for a boy of any age room. I would like it even if it weren’t a knock off. Many of the items you feature are great on their own.

  2. Thank you SO much for featuring my nightstand!!!