Multipanel Mirror

Debbie from One Day at a Time finally tackled a project that had been lingering around her to-do list for way too long, a multipanel mirror inspired by Pottery Barn. Debbie constructed her mirror with particle board and trim. I am loving this DIY option since large mirrors can cost a small fortune and be a pain to find in just the right size. The multiple panels make it simple to customize to fit your space.

diy multipanel mirror

The original inspiration came from the Eagan Multipanel Small Mirror from Pottery Barn.

Eagan Multipanel Small Mirror

Get the details at One Day at a Time.


  1. Hi Becky and thank you for the acknowledgment and post. For some reason I just found out about it. I am so sorry for the late words of gratitude. Please forgive me. I really appreciate the post and your blog. Its great. Thanks again, Debbie

    • No problem, Debbie. I usually send an email out so I apologize if I somehow missed you!