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Multi Purpose Drying Rack

When you think of a drying rack most of us automatically assume that is is for drying clothes. Jamison, from The Rogue Engineer, has a different purpose for his sturdy drying rack. He is planning on using his to hold cabinet doors when he remodels the cabinets in his next project.

Even though the design is primarily for Jamison’s doors, this rack can be used later on for drying a myriad of different projects. It can hold shelves, and therefore if you have items that need to dry on a shelf this rack will work. If you get into dried flowers, this rack can hold bunches of flowers set aside to dry. Jamison shares with us his detailed instructions as well as good pictures to show the process. Using 1×2’s allowed him to keep the cost of the project quite low. If you have a saw and a screw gun this project would be easy enough to tackle even for a beginner. Its use for whatever you come up with is endless.  **Note- You will need (11) 1x2x8 for the project.

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