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Modern Industrial Bar Table

A portable bar table to use outdoors for summer entertaining is a must have if you throw a lot of parties. This design by Aniko at A Place of My Taste uses galvanized pipe to create an industrial side table.


With step by step instructions, Aniko shows how she attached all the pipe pieces. With some black spray paint, she made the design sleek and modern. A couple of wood boards were attached to give her two shelves. The top shelf also includes a slot system to hold wine glasses when they are not in use. Aniko needed help from her husband to attach the elbows to the pipes. Galvanized pipe is substantial, and you may need someone to assist you with this step.


Once everything was ready, Aniko glued the wood to the frame and attached the slots for the glasses. If you would prefer, and if you have the tools, the top board could also be screwed down. Then you are all set to use your portable bar table for your next event.

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