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Modern Galvanized Pumpkins

Handan from The Navage Patch really wanted to buy some cool fall décor this year, rather than DIYing it as she usually does.

After searching online she found the perfect decoration- a galvanized pumpkin from Pottery Barn!

However, those fabulous pumpkins rang up at $99 each.

How she did it…

So, when Handan got over her sticker shock she headed to the home store to find some galvanized metal, hex nuts, and some other fun goodies.

After building the base of her pumpkin, she took the shine off with a light dusting of black spray paint.

To add the finishing touch, she drilled and spray painted stems from two real pumpkins, screwed them onto the top of her galvanized pumpkin and twirled around some vine-wrapped wire to give it a little bit of whimsy.


For a fraction of the price, Hadan’s galvanized pumpkins turned out pretty great!

This is the original $99 design from Pottery Barn.


This is how they can look with your other fall and Halloween decor that is in the same vain.


Head over to The Navage Patch to see the full detailed tutorial!

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Lenore Hoffman

Friday 26th of October 2018

I got this pumpkin from Pottery Barn when it went on sale and love it. May try to make another one like you did. Looks great.

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