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Modern, Easy, Dresser Makeover

Having outdated furniture can make any room seem boring and ho-hum. Take a look in your home. Do you have a piece of furniture that needs new paint and hardware? If so, the instructions from Jann at Newton Custom Interiors will help your makeover be successful.

The key to a successful furniture makeover lies in the sanding. You will do lots of sanding. When you think you are finished sanding, guess what, you will sand again. It is necessary to sand to help the paint and finishes adhere properly. The good news is that if you follow the instructions and don’t skip the sanding you will achieve the results that Jann does.

A list of materials that Jann endorses is provided with reasons as to why she likes these particular tools. Your ho-hum piece of furniture will look modern and elegant in your decor. A great makeover awaits your boring furniture, so be sure to follow Jann’s method for beautiful results.

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