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Create a Minimalist Guest Room with an Air Bed on the Floor


Today our space in our homes is almost a luxury that we want to fully enjoy. So there are hundreds of ideas for better organization and use of rooms.

The desire and need to enjoy each instance of the home makes the option of reserving one of the rooms for visits or guests practically unfeasible.

That is why creativity and technology continually contribute ideas to transform the space without the need for “reforms” or drastic changes in the home.

Creating a guest room without the need for renovations is possible with the help of an air mattress and a perfect air mattress topper for major comfort.

This idea, which emerged years ago, has been perfected to the point of turning the comfort of these automatic air mattresses into useful beds as comfortable as those that are permanently installed in a guest room.

Why Buy an Air Mattress for Home?

Having a space for occasional visits offers us more possibilities for our home, and of course, many more accommodation options to enjoy the company of family and friends.

The innovation in the sector of rest and home, have made it possible for us to buy air beds with automatic pumps for both inflating and deflating in less than 5 minutes.

Thus, space can be transformed in a matter of minutes and without any effort.

The concept of an air mattress that we knew until now has evolved to such an extent that hundreds of brands have specialized in creating a new concept of an inflatable bed.

This fierce competition has led to the creation of air beds with great strength and firmness.

The objective to achieve is that sleeping several nights on an air mattress is a pleasant experience and does not involve discomfort for the installation and transportation.

And so there are no limits in terms of space, there are high-quality air mattresses in the most popular standard sizes.

Thus, this solution to get extra accommodation is not only an inflatable mattress that can be easily transported but can also be placed in the smallest rooms of the home.

Travel and transport your single and double air mattresses anywhere and on any transport, and sleep in a practical bed without causing discomfort or extra expenses.

This is the key to the new inflatable mattresses; that adapts equally well to your body and your needs.

Advantages of Having an Air Bed at Home


The advantages of having an inflatable bed at home are numerous you may have had or know someone who owns one.

With automatic air beds, you can enjoy many other benefits thanks to its design and technology. Some of them are:

Practicality: An inflatable pump mattress can be ready to use in just 5 minutes.

This ability to quickly inflate and deflate is an advancement from popular inflatable mattresses that required manual pump inflation without automatic deflation.

Space-saving: The possibility that all the rooms in the home are available to the family circle that normally inhabits it, is a compelling reason to buy an inflatable mattress. This can also be found in various sizes, so it can adapt to any cabin.

Improved technology: Innovation and new design techniques have made air beds as stable and resistant as conventional ones.

For this, different types of structures have been patented in resistant and even ecological materials, with which to enjoy a high-quality rest.

Many people, despite these benefits, always are worried about not purchasing a comfortable mattress.

And for the comfort of a bed, what better addition than a mattress pad with the material, size, thickness, and functionalities that you want!

Is it Wrong to Sleep with The Mattress on The Floor?


The room’s design in recent years, especially considering minimalism, has opened a debate on whether it is good for our health to rest in a bed without a box spring.

We are sure that you have ever seen images of a design room with the mattress on the floor. Indeed, without a bed base.

Many of you may have thought that aesthetically it is an interesting proposal, although sooner or later the famous question comes to mind: Is it healthy or not?

Although the idea of ​​a floor mattress is as old as its predecessor, the hippy movement, it has been classified as “modern” for many people.

The trends of minimalism have induced us that less is more, so there is no longer room in the room for elements such as the bed frame.

In this way, you can see how the quilt falls elegantly to the ground, in line with the rest of the cabin.

However, there are as many opinions in favor as there are detractors of this initiative.

Health is the first point in which we all think, both for comfort and cleanliness, and although many houses nowadays add to sleeping at ground level, we must take some precautions:

The floor of the house, an essential aspect to consider

If you decide to join this avant-garde method, you must bear in mind that the ground on which your back will rest must be uniform.

The flooring, if it is leveled, could be the perfect solution so that the mattress is in perfect condition.

The quality of the mattress

You should not forget that the average time a person is in bed is eight consecutive hours, so choose well.

You can also lay a thin wooden tile, such as oriental-style beds or tatami if you don’t want the mattress to rest directly on the floor.

Cleaning, more present than ever

Most dirt and dust collect on the floor and under furniture. You must take care of the room with special emphasis on cleaning if you decide to install the mattress on the floor.

Age and health

Each person knows their limitations, but it is important to keep them in mind. Don’t force yourself to have a more modern stay!


Inflatable mattresses are the best alternative to sleep daily or even away from home and get the same deep sleep as with traditional models since they offer a solid structure and a more pleasant quality when it comes to rest.

It is not bad to sleep with the mattress on the floor and, if you consider all the previous requirements, you will be able to have that designed room that you so much desire.

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