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Create A Mid-Century Ottoman

Are you a lover of mid-century modern furniture? Folks in the mid-1900’s produced some of the most unique and appealing furniture ever.

If you’re a fan of this style, then you’ll love Vanessa’s DIY project. From triedandtrue, Vanessa offers a tutorial on how to create your own original piece of furniture based on mid-century art. Vanessa supplies us with a complete materials list as well as detailed photos that illustrate exactly how to build this ottoman. Because the top is painted, you have a great opportunity to release your inner artist and really have fun creating your ottoman. The freezer paper stencil for the illustration is simple enough for even a novice to cut. Although she used a machine to cut the stencil, this is not absolutely necessary.

There are detailed instructions on how to apply the paint to the top fabric. Vanessa also explains how to cover the base of the ottoman as well as the foam top with fabric.

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