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Make a Mandala Rug from a Table Cloth

Adri from Dream Book Design picked up a gorgeous tablecloth from Anthropologie, and it had a beautiful navy floral mandala design.

Adri, however, was really hoping for a beautiful navy blue rug akin to Pier 1 and other designer rugs.

Since Adri had already purchased the tablecloth, she opted to DIY her own beautiful rug.

Adri coated the tablecloth in a few layers of polyurethane to keep the design fresh and clean, and then covered the backside with a rug pad.

Since Adri used a designer tablecloth, her total cost was around $100, but you could pick up an inexpensive tablecloth or mandala tapestry and use the same process to make a less expensive version!

This is Adri’s finished tablecloth rug.

table cloth rug

Inspiration from the Pier 1 version that retails for over $350.

Visit Dream Book Design to see the full DIY Project!

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