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3 Tips to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

white bathroom

Many of us dream of having a spacious bathroom with both a tub and a shower, plenty of storage space and two sinks, just like we see in interior design magazines.

If you don’t have the luxury of adding extra square footage, you can still make your small bathroom reach its full potential by employing a few strategies and tricks.

Things like lighting, color palette, getting creative with storage and choosing the right fixtures can give the impression of more space and you’ll feel less claustrophobic.

The same principles that add space to other rooms of the house will work just as well for bathrooms, turning them into cozy, serene retreats.

Light Colors

The easiest way to make your small bathroom feel more spacious is to use lots of white.

For example a white sink, white vanity, white tile and so on.

The bathroom usually has a lot of white fixtures and extending this to other surfaces makes the room feel more airy as it reflects any available light instead of absorbing it.

You may be thinking that’s going to look a little boring but you can use different elements like molding, pale tile accents as well as wood and metal to add character.

Another option is to go for a tone-on-tone palette. Soft grays, warm beiges and faint blues can generate the same breezy effect.

For spa atmosphere, get a luxurious looking tile and match the paint on the walls with one of its hues.

The bathroom will look more put together, like a lot of thought went into the design and the harmony between tones is very visually soothing.

We recommend you paint the ceiling in a similar color to the walls.

Fewer transitions and planes intersecting give the room a cleaner, more expansive look. By getting a glass panel for the shower you can further unify the space.

Build Any Shelving into the Walls

bathroom interior with shelve on wall

Instead of installing bulky cabinets that stick out of the walls, go for shelves built into the walls.

Ideally they should be painted the same color for seamless integration.

You can set up wire shelves above the door which can be quite wide since they’re high so it doesn’t look like they’re protruding into the space and you can install towel bars on the back of the door to save space on the walls.

Keep the decorations to a minimum because in a small bathroom it will look more like clutter.

Instead, opt for functional items with an interesting design that blends well into the color palette.

Go for a Big Mirror

bathroom with big wall mirror

A large mirror can give the impression of a much bigger room, and if you go for a wall-to-wall custom piece with a beautiful frame you’ll save on tiling that space.

Another advantage is that it will be much more enjoyable to get ready for work.

It can also serve as the room’s statement piece.

Think of it this way: just one large mirror will make the room look almost double in size, serve as a decorative element and it’s much more functional than the small one that comes with the medicine cabinet.

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