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Make It Simple Headboard

Do you need a headboard for your bed? Is your decor modern farmhouse? primitive? or even country? A planked headboard may be the solution for you. Ashley from Shanty 2 Chic has constructed a headboard that is not only easy for beginners but will help complete the bed ensemble in your room.

If you have never worked with a Jig, and are unsure of the process, ask for help from someone with more experience. Having a knowledgeable woodworking friend will help the project go along smoother and you will be less likely to make costly mistakes. Ashley shows how to screw the planks together.  She added a nice frame around the boards to give them a finished look. Be sure to note her instructions regarding the hanging of the posts on the wall.

You will definitely want to find the studs to hang this from. Adding a planked headboard to your room will look great and add a charming appeal to your decor.

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