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Make a Flower Bouquet from Yarn!

When you think of spring, likely fresh flowers quickly come to mind.

I love filling my home with the colorful blooms, but it can be quite the expense if you don’t have your own cutting garden.

Katie of The Casual Craftlete offers a fun alternative to fresh flowers that will keep its vibrant color for all of spring without breaking the budget!

She was inspired by Anthropologie’s Pomdelion Bouquet and just so happened to have a skein of saffron yarn on hand to recreate it.

Katie says, “These pomdelions are really simple to make and take no time at all.”

Anthropologie Inspired Pomdelion Bouquet

Katie was inspired by Anthropologie’s Pomdelion Bouquet.

Pomdelion Bouquet

Visit The Casual Craftlete to learn how to make your own flower bouquet out of yarn.

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