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Made to Last Lockers

When you have lots of kids, you have lots of toys. Storing them, the toys, not the kids, can be a huge issue. Having your home still look neat and tidy is not always easy. Fortunately, Katie from Little House of Four took on the toy storage challenge and came up with a beautiful locker storage system using Ikea bookcases.

Using a 16 Cube Expedit bookcase, Katie set to work cutting doors and attaching hinges to create a locker unit designed to hide toys. Adding paint, numbers and decorative handles she was able to create a sturdy storage unit that looks good too.

With detailed pictures of the process, Katie helps answer any questions you may have along the way. This unit was part of a total basement makeover. She provides links showing the entire transformation. The appearance is clean and tidy, and certainly a place where children can enjoy their playtime.

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