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Pros and Cons of a Louvered Patio Roof System

louvered patio roof

Many modern homes are now being built (or altered) to create extra space which blurs the boundaries between what is inside and outside.

You can come across a good example of this in the forms of pergolas and verandas, but here we are focusing on patios, and in particular patios built to be useable year-round by adding a roof.

Covered patios provide an amazing extra private space which can be yours to design especially for relaxing in every day of the year.

Imagine being able to curl up in a comfy chair with a cool drink and a good book, and a whole lot more light than you will find in any other rooms in the house, bliss.

To get the best you can from your patio space it needs to have the right kind of cover, something that will keep you cool and protect you from unwelcome weather like skin burning sun, and cozy when the wind is whipping itself into frenzy, or the rain, or even snow is falling.

Types of patio roof systems

There are several types of patio roof system materials to choose between. The most common are:

  • Aluminum – low maintenance and long lasting.
  • Steel – usually wind and UV ray resistant.
  • Colorbond, two pieces of strong metal and foam – cheapest option but weakest too.
  • Louvre systems – designed to be opened and closed as you wish.

steel patio

Here we are looking specifically at the pros and cons of a louvered patio roof system, so anyone interested in having them installed can make an informed decision.

As with any patio roof covering you need to keep a couple of basic questions in mind, including long term durability and value for money, and whether or not the style, cover and design fits in well with both the roof and your general house design.

The Pros of a Louvered Patio Roof System

Advantage #1 – Good systems are flexible

Look for louvre panels that have a range of motion so you can choose up to a 1600 motion range – perfect for making the most of the weather, whatever it is doing.

Basically this means you get the amount of ventilation and sunlight you prefer throughout the day.

Advantage #2 – Remote options are available

In this digital age there’s no need to have to make manual adjustments to your louvered patio roof system, when you can always find a system with a simple point and click remote controller.

That means more time to simply relax instead of having to jump up and down and mess with manual adjustments.

Advantage #3 – Louvered patio roof systems are weather resistant

weather resistant patio

Always choose a style that is made from a strong metal material which will prove a worthy opponent to both intense sun and persistent rain.

Some systems even have built-in rain sensors!

Advantage #4

If you look around you’ll be able to find a system in a color that suits the look of your home.

Advantage #5 You keep control

It’s great to have the ultimate flexibility of instant shelter from the elements as you choose, confident that you have shelter but can also let the sunshine through as it suits you.

Advantage #6 There are lots of added extras available

As there are so many climates to cater for you will often come across louvered patio roof systems with a host of optional extras that you can choose to suit the weather habits of the location where you happen to live.

These could include integrated heating systems, music systems, and lighting configurations,

Advantage #7 Lighting & Blind integration options are available

blind integration

It’s up to you to decide how space-age you want your set up to be. It’s always nice to have choices, after all.

Advantage #8 Energy Benefits

If eco-issues are a priority in your life shop round for a louvered patio roof system that works on solar power; delivering all the benefits at zero running costs!

Many systems will have a timer option, so you can set it to open and close in line with the weather on any particular day.

This can be a good way to avoid heat building up before you can get home to close them manually later in the day.

It’s always worth making the most of the timer options as they will help keep your air conditioning costs in check.

Advantage #9 Cosmetic Benefits

Some louvered roof systems are available in a really good range of styles and colors, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find the perfect version for your home, and whatever the style of roof, (such as pitched, gable, or angled), you happen to have.

Advantage #10 – There are other options for these roof systems

You can use the attractive and useful louvered roof system on pergodas too.

Take a look at any louvered patio roof system for some good visual examples and more information on this.

The Cons of a Louvered Patio Roof Systeminstallation of patio roof

Disadvantage #1 –The cost can be a problem

Louvered canopies are not always an option for those with a smaller budget.

In this case it is still a good idea to simply delay installation until you can save enough to cover the costs, rather than choose a cheaper but less effective alternative.

Disadvantage #2 – Consider how complicated a system is

A louvered patio cover doesn’t have to be overly complicated to work properly, but some are designed that way. Just remember that the more complicated a system is then the more expensive it will be to buy, have installed, and keep maintained.

To protect yourself always check the warranty carefully before buying, and where possible look for a deal that covers all components and maintenance for at least three years.

Disadvantage #3 – Not all models are as user friendly as others

Not all louvered patio covers are built the same.

Some can be unreasonably noisy and soon become annoying, others have limited opening capacities so they may not offer as many options for light and shade as you would like. 

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