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Long Lasting Potting Bench

Do you enjoy gardening? Growing flowers, vegetables, and herbs can be quite rewarding. Of course, having a table outside sturdy enough to withstand the elements is important. If you prefer to stand rather than bend over to repot plants, you may enjoy making this pallet potting stand. Gail from My Repurposed Life enjoys finding uses for pallets. Pallets are a great starting point for outdoor projects because they weather well.


Gail shows us through her pictures how to tear apart the boards to get the base of the stand. If you have ever tried to take a pallet apart you will like her tool for this. Pallets are incredibly hard to break down and her method will prevent bruised knuckles. With her orbital sander and some screws, Gail set to work attaching the top and making the base sturdy.

Not only is is ultraportable, but it can help save you bending over and struggling to get up from the ground. This outdoor potting bench is functional and will serve you for years to come.

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