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Linear Crystal Chandelier DIY

Jackie from Teal + Lime has long eye-balled the Cellula Chandelier from Design Within Reach but has never been able to get over the $2,730 price tag. Instead, inspired by other linear crystal chandelier hacks that she’d seen online, Jackie set out to DIY her own Linear Crystal Chandelier for only $170.

Starting with the Tidig light from Ikea (minus the white glass shades it comes with) she then focused on picking out her crystals. Not sure how many crystals she was going to use, Jackie ordered a variety of about 100 from different Etsy sellers. Some of the Easy shops she used were Yummy Treasures and Venus and Stars. Before she hung the light up she tried laying out different designs on the floor and then saved her favorite by taking a picture. Doing this made hanging the crystals with clear beading string much easier.

Jackie is in love with the way her linear crystal chandelier DIY turned out and the sparkle it emits in the evening plus the fact that she able to make it for only a fraction of the price of the Cellula light.

Here’s the Cellula Chandelier that inspired her DIY.


Jackie’s finished linear crystal chandelier DIY.


You can read here for Jackie’s complete list of supplies and instructions.

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