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15 Useful Laundry Room Design Ideas

Best Laundry Room Design Ideas

It’s often the last room in the house to get remodeled, designed or even painted. It’s the forgotten, laundry room.

When you clean your house, it’s a big deal. A clean house is important. And so should be the room where you clean your dirty laundry each week.

But it’s not because we don’t use it or even see it every day. We probably even walk through it or pass by it every single day.

And because of that it’s just as important to check out some laundry room design ideas and see how a bit of style can make this room shine.

Even if your laundry area is small, in the garage or in a closet you can do a makeover that makes it look attractive and operates a lot more functionally.

Get more storage, for better organization and less clutter with things like efficient cabinet designs, clothes hanging racks, or tap into hidden places to keep cleaning solutions, dirty clothes and extra towels.

Then paint, add hardware, wall treatments, light fixtures, rugs, counter tops and more to turn this into one of your favorite rooms in the house!

1. Gray and White Small Laundry Makeover

A small laundry space, typical of most of our homes’ laundry rooms. But doesn’t it look spectacular just by adding some paint, a wainscoting back wall, cabinet handles and a spiffy flush-mount light fixture?

See the DIY Tutorial:

2. Subway Tile with Hanger Bar

Subway tile has become a favorite in laundry rooms. There’s something about how this tile works so well in a utility setting while taking the design up a about ten notches.

The dark accented bar rail above the washer and dryer is nicely positioned for both appearance and functionality for a convenience hanging rack.

See the DIY Tutorial:

3. Laundry Pipe Shelving

Don’t like bulky cabinets in a small laundry room but still need storage space? Try some pipe shelving for an open look.

It doesn’t get any easier than this either for a nice little laundry room design upgrade.

See the DIY Tutorial:

4. DIY Laundry Pedestal

I love how this laundry room design idea solves two problems. Storage and convenience.

First, you can’t beat the hidden storage that’s uncovered here with the added touch of the large labels (the whole family should get it now, right?)

And less having to bend down as you load and unload machines is always a plus.

See the DIY Tutorial:

5. Old Farmhouse Inspired Laundry Design

The washing and drying machines are modern enough, so why not balance it out with some farmhouse throwback.

Curtains, baskets and a few decor accessories make this a charming place to do laundry.

See the DIY Tutorial:

6. Attractive Garage Laundry Area

There’s something about laundry facilities in the garage. Clean clothes, dust and grease just don’t seem to go together.

But sometimes we just don’t have a choice. And that’s ok, because at least you can deck out your little laundry section in the garage.

Some simple shelves and clean looking cabinets with an accompanying hanger bar is all you really need.

See the DIY Tutorial:

7. Simply Better Laundry Storage

Who says you can’t add a ton of new storage to a closet laundry “room”?

The spotlighted addition here of course is the great use of space between the washer and dryer.

See the DIY Tutorial:

8. Rustic Laundry Room Makeover on a Budget

Rustic for cheap. This homeowner figured out how to design their laundry room to look great without much effort or expense.

See the DIY Tutorial:

9. Adding Simple Floating Shelves

Floating shelves fill an awkward space nicely to give you more storage.

See the DIY Tutorial:

10. Laundry Meets Dog for a Perfect Room

Gray really can look amazing. This dual-purpose laundry room would make everyone and their dog happy.

See the DIY Tutorial:

11. Catalog Laundry Room

This laundry room design idea just makes you stare for a bit. You might be late to school or work if you have to walk through this room every morning to get to the car.

See More At:

12. Perfectly Pretty Laundry Upgrade

Subway tile (again) making a utility room look amazing.

See the DIY Tutorial:

13. Easy Small Laundry Area Makeover

This truly is one easy design makeover for your laundry room.

Gain storage and appeal in under and hour?

See the DIY Tutorial:

14. Add a Rolling Storage Cart

One of my favorite ways to instantly add a bunch of storage to your laundry room.

A rolling storage shelf is perfect because it gets things super accessible — no more getting step ladders to reach high into overhead cabinets!

What’s more is all the “stuff” simply disappears as soon as you roll it back into place.

See At: Amazon

15. Bench, Storage and Coat Racks in Stackable Design

The benefits of a bench are huge in a place where you need to sit down to put on shoes or boots but also place groceries and other loads of items you bring home.

See the DIY Tutorial:

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