Large Corner Desk with File Cabinets

Nicole shares on IKEA Hackers how she beautified two solid oak file cabinets from Craigslist with just some paint and new hardware. (I seriously scrolled up and down comparing the two pics because I couldn’t believe they were the same file cabinets!) She also painted her old desktop from IKEA and placed it atop the cabinet base. Now she has a stylish new work space to enjoy!

DIY Corner Desk

Nicole’s original inspiration was the Bedford Corner Desk Set from Pottery Barn.

Bedford Corner Desk Set

Read more at IKEA Hackers.


  1. Cool, thanks Beckie! I’ve never been featured on anyone’s site before. Thanks for choosing my desk and leading me to your website. It looks like a great resource for all of us with great style, but more imagination than money:)
    All the best to you and your website!

  2. I like the cabinets in Nicole’s version so much better. They have great detail!

  3. I’m impressed! That was a very creative solution!! And the desk looks great and is enviably practical!