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Making A Lamp from a Base Design

Do you have an idea for a type a lamp that would work great in your decor but cannot find one to suit? This lamp project from Debi at the Nomadic Decorator will help you make your own lamp.


With some very sensible advice on how to buy hardware and measure correctly for the lamp harp Debbi shares how to measure for the shade as well. Debi also explains what a lamp neck is and why it is important to decide whether your lamp should show its shoulders or not. Once you have the right parts and pieces it is time to set up the lamp. She shows with good pictures how the lamp should be wired.


One of the best additions was the braided vintage cord that she ordered online. It adds visual and vintage appeal to the overall design. If you have been looking to make your own lamp read this post from Debi. She will get you started in the right direction to add a decorative lamp to your decor.

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