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Ideal for Small Space Ladder Wardrobe

If space is your enemy, and you are on a budget, this ladder wardrobe may be right for you. Geneva from A Pair & A Spare shows us how she put her ladder wardrobe together to save space.

Her ladder was left behind by the painter, hence the paint marks.  The biggest challenge you may have is finding a wooden ladder. A trip to the thrift store or local vintage treasures store may be where you find yours. Once you acquire your ladder, you will need a couple of simple tools to make this wardrobe yours. If you want to paint your ladder, do that first, and then assemble the dowel rod and shelves.

This project is quite easy, so if you are new to working with a drill and wood, go ahead and give it go. Not only will you learn how to do something new, but your success means a new place to hang clothes and store shoes. This is a great storage solution for small spaces.


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