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Keep The Kids Super Cool With These 7 DIY Water Games

Summer is here in full swing and you may be looking for some cool ideas to help your kids beat the blistering heat. Whether you are planning a summer birthday party, bible summer vacation activities, or just looking to keep your clan cool this summer, we think you and your kids will love these 7 ideas.

1. Duck, Duck, Splash!

Duck, Duck, Splash is played just like the traditional version of Duck, Duck, Goose, only with a pitcher of water! If you are not familiar with Duck, Duck, Goose, you are really in for a treat. For this game, have all of your kids sit in a circle and select the first player. Have the first player walk around the outside of the circle, tapping each kid on the head and calling, “Duck, Duck, Duck.” Whenever the player decides, he will select the “Goose” by yelling, “Splash!” and dumping the pitcher of water on his head. The splashed goose will then chase the player around the circle. The player will try to run all the way around the circle and make it to the goose’s spot before the goose tags him. If the goose tags him, then the player has to sit out. If he makes it to the goose’s spot before the goose tags him, then the goose becomes the next ‘Duck, Duck, Splash” player. Continue the game until there are only two players left. These two will be the tied winners or you can flip a coin to determine the single winner.

2. Water Relay

Divide your kids into two or more lines (depending on amount of kids). Hand each kid a cup of the same size. Sit a large bucket in front of the first kid and behind the last kid. On the mark, have the first kid scoop up water into her cup and reach over her head to dump it into the cup of the kid behind her. Have each kid follow suit until the last kid turns around and dumps it into the bucket. Either play until the first bucket is empty or until a pre-determined timer goes off. The team with the most water in the end bucket wins. This game can also be play with two kids playing against each other. Just have them reach down and scoop up water into their cup, then reach over their head to try to pour the water into a bucket behind them.

3. Water Limbo

A few pvc pipes with drilled holes and a hose connector can add a cool new twist to the classic limbo game.

4. Water Gun Cup Race

For some awesome water gun fun, you will need string or fishing line, a couple (or more) equally powerful water guns, and cups or plastic bottles. Using leather gloves, punch or poke holes in the cups or plastic bottles. Next, run your line through the cups and tip from tree to tree. Have the kids aim their full guns at the cups and on the mark, start shooting! Whoever makes it to the end wins. For an added challenge (and more water fun) have opposing teammates shoot back from the other end to try to prevent the cup from making it to the end.

5. Water Balloon Batting Practice

What sounds cooler (pun intended) than water balloon baseball! Divide your kids into teams and have the pitcher toss the water balloons at the batter. When the batter splatters a balloon, have her run the bases as in normal baseball rules. If, however, the balloon does not splatter, count it as a foul (unless the opposing team catches it without breaking it, in which case it is an automatic out).

6. Water Bottle Fill

Another great water gun game. Cut holes into the front of recycled soda bottles and attach to the heads of your hot kids this summer. Have teammates aim and shoot into the openings for a fill-up fun race. Maybe you could make it even funner by having both sides of the team wear the bottles as each member tries to see through their wet fun mess to their teammates.

7. Water Twister

In the photo, the Fun Mums duct taped two water-filled plastic sheets together for a gooey fun twist on the classic old game, Twister. But I think this game would be just as fun using the traditional mat and just running water across it. What do you think?We hope you enjoyed these cool ideas to help your kids beat the summer heat. Please let us know if you tried any of these cool summer games or have your own to add.

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