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Inexpensive Apothecary Cabinet

Sue from A Purdy Little House saw a super cool apothecary case on Pinterest and wanted to recreate the look.

She bought a few plain jane drawers from the dollar store for $3 each and set about revamping them.

A new stain on the drawers gave them that old-world look she was after, and a coat of metallic gold spray paint on the drawer pulls took off that modern chrome shine.

To give her apothecary bottle an aged look, she simply shook some flour around inside!

So clever!

This is Sue’s finished apothecary cabinet.


This is her Pinterest inspiration.

apothecaryHead over to A Purdy Little House to see the full DIY tutorial.

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Saturday 3rd of June 2017

Nice!! I cannot find the drawers online at the Dollar store. Any suggestions where else or a specific dollar store? Thanks so much Denise

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