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Industrial Wood and Metal Spheres

Sarah of East Plum has found embroidery hoops very useful in sprucing up her home and used some to create decorative wooden spheres.

She says, “These are quick, easy, and cost effective to make coming in under $10.” I like how Sarah added tacks for an industrial wood and metal look. That little detail really adds to the look and makes for a very convincing knock-off!

knock off wood spheres

These are quick, easy and cost effective to make coming in at around $10. A few embroidery hoops is all you really need.

Embroidery hoops have been popular for a few years now as wall décor. You can use them in pretty much any room to add texture and color.

Supplies Needed:

  • 3 Embroidery hoops all the same size
  • Foam brush
  • Stain (Rustolem Dark Walnut)
  • Nickel colored tacks
6 inch Round Wooden Embroidery Hoops

Pick up some basic embroidery hoops just like these

You can pick up embroidery hoops pretty much anywhere. Amazon has a great price for on a pack, which is what you need. You can make two spheres with the 6-pack.

Another idea is to get two or three different sizes and make a small set as part of your display. As with any similar project, the options are endless.

Finished hoop ball

How to Make Your Spheres

1. Pull the inside circle out of each embroidery hoops and one of the outer hoops that has the hook and screw on it.
2. Stain your hoops. Using a foam brush, put a light coat of stain on. Allow to dry for about 10 minutes before wiping down. The stain will soak in more than you think in the embroidery wood hoops, so don’t wait too long.

3. After wiping down allow them to dry completely.

4. Once dry work your inside hoops together to form the shape in the photo above.

5. Then work your final hoop around it and tighten the screw. Once you have lined up all your hoops just the way you like, use tacks at each point that the hoops meet to add a touch of an industrial finish.

Close up of stained sphere

6. Display these beauties and do a happy dance at a successful knock-off.

Sarah was inspired by West Elm’s Veneer Spheres. Pottery Barn also has a popular version. As you could imagine, both of these brand-name spheres cost way more than it takes to just make your own.

As an alternative to stain, you can be a bit more whimsical and paint your spheres in a color of your choice.

veneer spheres

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