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Industrial Pipe And Board TV Cover-up

Do you have a wall mounted TV? Do you hate that it is the center focus of the room even when you aren’t watching it? If so, take a look at the industrial pipe and wood tv cover-up that was designed by Liz Marie from lizmarieblog.

She takes us step-by-step through the process of creating a sliding barn door hung on industrial pipe that can be opened for tv viewing and closed when she doesn’t want the distraction of a big blank screen on the wall. Liz Marie explains how she chose and cut the old doors to suit her needs, but any wood can be used for this project and painted or finished to fit in your decor. A complete list of other supplies is also provided.

One of the most interesting things in her discussion is her explanations of how she overcame obstacles in the way of completing the project. These explanations are perfect for us to heed to prevent similar problems.

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