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Quick And Easy Indoor Halloween Party Decor

There are several different types of Halloween parties, but they primarily fall into two categories: parties for adults, and those for kids. The decorations for both have some similarities, as pumpkins, spiders, and creepy images are pretty much universal. However, Halloween decorating for adults tends to be much more sophisticated. Here are some good ideas for your next adult Halloween party.

Creepy Halloween place cards.

Clever placeholders that are actually burned. House of Smiths


Placeholders and labels are useful. They can also be boring, especially if you only use a plain-colored card. Instead of using something basic, take the time to create placeholders that match the rest of your Halloween party decor. The example here has a rustic border, some interesting script-style writing, and, for that extra bit of detailing, it is burned at the corners. If you are replicating this, make sure to do it near your kitchen sink or keep a small bowl of water on hand, just in case!

A Halloween shelf.

A quirky banner and some decorated shelves add to the ambiance.House of Smiths

One easy way of decorating for an adult Halloween party is by using shelves that you already own. These ones are for decorative purposes only, as they are only wide enough to hold some knick-knacks, such as plates or framed photos. In the example here, these shelves are covered in things that match the holiday. The birdcage, old book, and even the banner hanging below add to the creepy vibe.

A pumpkin in a candle holder.

Turn a candle holder into something creepy. House of Smiths

Most people have at least one candle holder laying around their house. This one is designed for a pillar candle, rather than a thin candlestick, which adds to the decorating choices. Since the candle holder is already black  – a very traditional Halloween color – all that you need to do is add something reminiscent of the season at the top. In this case, it’s a small white gourd and some plantlike material. A ceramic skull or black cat would work as well.

Ceramic skulls and Halloween plates.

Add a few ceramic skulls for that eerie feeling. House of Smiths

Ceramic skulls add some creepiness to your Halloween decor. They don’t need to be overly realistic and can bridge the gap between “authentic skull” and overly whimsical, like the ones seen here. While the plates hung behind them have an air of Halloween to them, they aren’t completely representative of the holiday. However, once the skulls are added, the entire display is easy to understand.

Candy in glass jars.

Candy in glass jars makes a difference.House of Smiths

One main difference between a kids party and an adult one is the way that candy is displayed. Obviously, for a kids party, you don’t want to use glass jars for the candy, as they are easily broken. For an adult party, placing individual candies in glass holders is perfectly okay. You can even take it a step further and add some quirky candy “names” to the jars, just like the ones here. We all know those aren’t really pumpkin teeth!

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