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DIY Design Ideas For Your Home’s Outdoor Swimming Pool

outdoor swimming pool

An outdoor pool is definitely one of the greatest things you can have in your home.

It’s just the perfect spot for relaxing alone or having fun with family and friends.

Without a doubt, it is surely one part of the house where you’re bound to spend long hours.

So why not make those times more fun by adding a couple of trinkets to your outdoor pool?

Don’t know how to make your pool extra fun? No worries.

Many outdoor pools are fairly easy to decorate.

Here are a couple of DIY design ideas that you can try on your outdoor swimming pool.

DIY Design Ideas You Can Do For Your Pool

1. Make it feel more natural with plants

Surround your pool with an array of outdoor plants.

Placing a couple of potted plants with different sizes on one corner of your pool can be enough to add a more green nature vibe to your pool.

If you want to go with a more minimalist and oriental theme, you can also add in some green bamboo to the walls around your pool to create a balance between the water and earth elements.

2. Switch up the mood with different lights

Hanging up different sets of lights with various colors can set different moods for your pool.

If you want a cool vibe, hang up a string of blue lights above your pool.

However, if you’re in for a warm and cozy feel, you should decorate with yellow lights instead.

And if you’re ever the partying type, you can always add flashing lights to get a lively mood.

3. Keep things fun with inflatables

Not every type of DIY pool decor belongs around or outside your pool.

Some of the most fun pool decorations could actually be the ones that are floating on your pool.

Something cute like a giant inflatable pink donut or something more active like an inflatable basketball ring can add tons of fun to any normal pool.

Just don’t overdo it though. You don’t want to have too many inflatables that would make your pool unswimmable.

4. Add a splash of color with tile stickers

Adding colored tiles to pools is one of the most popular forms of pool decor for adding textures and color to a pool.

However, not everyone has the time or the funds to spend on adding real colored tiles to their pools.

One alternative you can try is tile stickers. Just empty your pool and stick the stickers on the your pool tiles.

Make a path, a pattern, or a mosaic. Get creative with it and add some personality to your pool without breaking the bank.

5. Set up a sunbathing deck with wooden pallets

Wooden pallets are a popular DIY material for quick and easy home improvement projects.

One thing that you can do with wooden pallets is make out a deck around your pool.

You can even try elevating one part of the deck to make it higher so you would end up with a sunbathing area.

Don’t forget to add some waterproofing material to your pallets when you do this. Doing so can help you avoid rotting in the future.

“DIY projects using wooden pallets can add a unique touch to your outdoor pool area, providing a cozy and functional sunbathing deck. However, it’s important to remember to properly waterproof the pallets to ensure a long-lasting addition to your pool construction” – Precision Landscaping owner, expert in pool construction in Toronto.

Some Things to Remember When You Decorate Your Pool

Now that you now have a couple of ideas on how you can decorate your outdoor pool on your own, you may be very excited to try these things out.

But before you go, here are a couple of reminders you should keep in mind before you go and add some pzazz to your pool.

1. When surrounding your pool with plants, do not forget to maintain the size of your plants.

Constantly keeping your plants trimmed can help you avoid getting leaves, petals, and dirt on your pool.

2. Make sure to clean your tiles well when adding tile stickers.

Doing so will keep your tile stickers sticking to your tiles for a longer period of time.

3. Add some varnish, paint, or other forms of waterproofing for wooden pallets before you decorate your pool with them.

Doing this will keep your wooden deck stronger longer.

Well, that’s all of it. Happy decorating!

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