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How to Transform Your Empty Attic Space Into a Functional Room

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Attics are usually utilized for storage, but it can also help regulate temperatures in a house.

The attic is built to support your house with a shield from moisture and colder or hotter temperatures. It stops hot air from entering your home and from raising the temperature in the living area.

The Attic is also necessary because it will improve the roof’s longevity. The insulation keeps the attic warm and prevents the heat from rising to the roof, allowing its efficiency to deteriorate over time.

Additionally, the attic is more valuable than just a space to store your things.

empty finished attic room

In this article, we are going to discuss how to transform your empty attic pace into a functional area.

Workplace Conversion 

The attic is commonly used as an extra bedroom, office area, a yoga studio, or storage space, although it may certainly be more than that.

There is a variety of information available online about converting loft, such as proper lighting and electrical alterations.

Bear in mind that to accommodate office equipment like a laptop computer and printer, you may have to rewire your attic.

An attic workspace is a perfect upgrade because it offers you space away from the main areas of the house so that you can concentrate and be efficient. 

If you work from home but do not have a spare space to build an office, this is a very feasible solution. To make it appear clean and nice, you may decorate your attic office.

To enhance the room, try installing some good portable lighting or position your work station near the window for good daylight. 

Bedroom Suite

To maximize the use of often unused space, you may also convert an attic to a bedroom suite. Turn your attic into an incredible sleepover room or a spot to stay for visitors.

Try adding insulation in order to keep your attic bedroom at a safe temperature. The correct insulation could help you save on utility bills as well.

This also involves redoing the insulation entirely, or you might be able to simply add to the current insulation. Lighting in an attic can also be incorporated to make it look nice and cozy, warm lights in a bedroom are perfect. 

Make sure that there are plenty of blankets to lie in and a comfortable chair. Fresh flooring can also fully transform a room, and if you prefer something timeless and simple to clean, hardwood is a fantastic option.

You can lighten the area with fur rugs or aesthetically interesting woven rugs if you pick a hard floor. Consider color and texture that is pleasing if you go for full carpeting.

Reading Nook

attic reading nook

Many other households could use a quiet space free from technology, such as smartphones, television, and laptops. Attics rooms, particularly if they are bright with wonderful windows, are the best spot for all this.

But if your attic is dim, choose the appropriate lamp type that will function in the room as a stylish design feature. Also, pick a comfortable chair and a good-sized lounge chair and have magazines or books spread out. 

Incorporate the lounge chairs and bookshelves if you have extra space as it makes the place look like a library to have books in sight.

Consider making use of the walls of your loft for book storage, then add carpeting and some fluffy area rugs to soften the room and make it feel comfortable.

You can stay here when you prefer a quiet time so you can completely take advantage of beautiful, peaceful moments.  

Game Room

game room in the upstairs attic

Another best way to use an extra attic space is to create a games room devoted entirely to entertaining.

It can be an additional family bonding room, and it can be great for family weekend evenings. An attic game room could also be a great spot to host friends, while adding a bar is another approach to level up a game room.

Soft and comfortable benches provide enough seating without needing to go for traditional chairs and barstools, while floor cushions and bean bags offer everyone comfy seating options. 

A billiard table, ping-pong table, or other big additions that involve a strong floor may be featured in a standard game space.

Apply to this the intense behavior that often goes with a game space, and you really need to have a tougher floor than normal, so you need a solid foundation. 

TV Room or Home Theater Conversion 

attic office conversion

For fun family movie nights, you can easily turn small attic space into a cozy TV room. Your attic might be a good space to turn into a home cinema if you have space for a projector or maybe a blank wall or monitor.

You may go for a typical velvet fabric or design a theme for the home theater.

For the attic’s wiring to accommodate multiple theater room equipment such as a projector, a monitor, and audio systems, anticipate electrical costs.

In addition, the sound is just as important as the screen, so consider investing in a sound system of high quality. You might prefer to use a projector system to create your movie theater more realistic. 

You would also want to set up recessed lighting and add sconces along the sidewalls for a better view.

You can even use an RF dimmer and a controller so that when the movie comes on, you can change the lighting.

Add floor lighting using low-voltage lights that can be decided to keep on the whole time for a more realistic experience.

You may decide to revamp your attic or even propose a significant renovation of it.

But keep in mind that it should also fulfill the same construction conditions as the other rooms in your home when transforming an attic into a living area.

In most spaces, You need to have at least 7 feet of vertical clearance and have at least 70 square feet of available space. For these projects to work, your attic must adhere to certain essential structural requirements. 

In addition, before you start, arrange the equipment you will need and make sure they are working and safe to use.

We hope all have been helpful, and good luck turning your attic into a more functional space!

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