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How to Make a DIY Coffee Bar at Home

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Creative endeavors in your home like a classical study, a basement bar, or even an outdoor garden can add some much appreciated individuality and originality to your home.

As a coffee lover, I have long wished for a coffee bar of my own. One that was completely designed and curated to my likings, and in the comfort of my own home.

Being a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur and a fan of DIY interior design, I took it upon myself to create a coffee bar of my own.

Here are my tips and suggestions so you can get started building a coffee station of your own.

The Bare Necessities

Just like the Jungle Book Song, it only takes the ‘bare necessities’ to create something beautiful.

And while Baloo was talking about ways to live a carefree life, his words ring true with creating your own coffee bar.

All you need to start off is a coffee maker, some mugs, and a rack.

Now this is where your own personality and flair will come into the decision making process. Will it be color coordinated? Will the cups be simple and posh or elaborate and colorful?

Maybe you’ll want to add some framed coffee art. Although that is up for you to decide, I absolutely love the look of plain white mugs hanging off a corresponding dark old wooden rack.

Minimalism, especially for all of our contemporary designers out there, is a great approach to interior design. Simple, easy, refreshing.

The old wood gives a warm rustic feeling to your home while the all white cups balance out extremities and presents your coffee bar as sleek, modern, and intelligent.

However, if you’d like to add some more personality, search for mugs with catchy slogans or interesting little drawings on it.

But make sure they’re simple, as too much design or color will take away from the bar itself. Here are some examples you can find on Etsy.

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More Elaborate Touches

Lately, I’ve been feeling incredibly inspired by the use of chalkboards in modern home design, being used as an avenue for design, organization, and personalization for your home.

Using a chalk board as the base for your bar along the wall will allow you to get creative while keeping your bar looking smart fresh and comforting.


I know this trend may be well past us, but I still am in love with a good ol’ mason jar, especially when it’s actually being put into good use.

Use these jars for your sugar, cream, Splenda, etc. The jars correspond greatly with the simplicity and warmth of wood racks, and will give bohemian vibes to even the most clean cut and mundane interiors.

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Location, Location, Location

Finally, the location of your coffee bar is something that will make or break your project.

Somewhere too off the beaten path in your home will create a hassle in early mornings and late nights when all you want to do is enjoy you coffee.

So, I suggest using a central location in your home close to your kitchen and even closer to windows.

Natural light does wonders for interior design, and a coffee bar will be no exception.

There is truly nothing like enjoying a cup of coffee while looking out to whatever may be outside your window; a beautiful backyard, city streets, cornfields, or maybe even an ocean.

With all that being said, picking a location is optimal to ensure a fully immersive and successful experience in creating a coffee bar of your own.

Using all the aforementioned recommendations, I’m more than certain you can bring your dream of an in-house coffee bar to life.

Gone are the days of slumping over an old coffee maker on your kitchen countertop or paying up to $7 for a latte at a crowded cafe.

Now get working! You have a bar to build!

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