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How to Install Above Ground Pools

Above ground pool in yard

There is the joy that comes with having a swimming pool in your home for recreation during those hot afternoons.

The type and size of your swimming pool will be determined by the available space and budget for the construction.

You have some financial muscle you can opt for a below the ground swimming pool with fancy designs and other extras that accompany a swimming pool.

If you desire to have a swimming pool but are on a tight budget, there is a way for you; an above the ground swimming pool.

You can opt to do it yourself with the help of friends and throw in a fancy design together with a landscape around it.

Do you hate rummaging through pages of information while planning to install above the ground swimming pool?

Your search has come to an end; this article will guide you on how to go about installing a swimming pool above the ground.

Enjoy the reading and eventually your swimming pool.

Step 1: Identify the space for your swimming pool

You need to identify the location of your swimming pool within your compound.

The preferred location will influence the size of your swimming pool.

It is advisable to locate your swimming pool in an area that has no obstructions for direct sunlight and little or no littering of the pool.

The location should be accessible to your equipment to reduce strain on your pump.

Clear the area by cutting any sod into long streaks which you can use around the pool to achieve the desired elevation

Ensure that the area is level and does not run into any drainage systems.

Step 2: Build the dust base with stone

Two inches of stone should be laid down around the area where the wall of the pool will sit.

The circle should be one foot wide at a minimum while maintaining the pool circumference at the center.

Your pool paint specifications should come in handy at this stage.

Compact and level the surface with little watering for significant results and leave the compacting machine inside the pool’s boundary.

Step 3: Laying down of the bottom track

The structure of your pool is built at this point.

Get your pool specifications and install the bottom track that will host the wall of your swimming pool together with its connectors.

Lock the connectors in place once appropriate measurements have been done to fit the wall of the pool.

Step 4: Sand the base of your pool

A good swimming pool floor is made of sand.

Bring in the sand slightly mixed with clay to achieve a firm compact.

While at it, avoid using mortar sand that is popular for bricklaying.

Step 5: First Structure Installation

Unrolling of the wall of your pool is done at this stage from the inside of the pool without damaging its base.

With your connector, identify the area that will be used to bolt the wall of your pool together.

The wall should sit inside the groove firmly.

Step 6: Complete the swimming pool base

Ensure that the sand inside the pool adequately covers the stone dust, including areas against the wall.

Add plenty of sand and level it properly to create a difference between the ground and the wall.

Firm the base of your swimming pool using the compactor earlier left inside the pool area.

Remove the compactor from the pool.

With the help of a cement trowel, smooth the inside of your pool floor.

Step 7: Liner Installation

Your liner is now ready to be unrolled from the inside of the pool.

Start from the center of the pool going towards the wall of your swimming pool.

It is much easier to do it on a sunny day as the liner easily stretches because if the heat from the sun.

Step 8: Second Structure Installation

All posts installed earlier should be leveled at this stage.

All the top rails can now be installed around the wall of the pool.

Step 9: Plumbing Equipment Installation

The equipment is vital in controlling the amount of water going in and out of the swimming pool.

The equipment should sit on a level surface for proper functioning.

The plumbing equipment is also useful in removing any debris in the pool and treatment of your pool with chlorine among other uses.

Step 10: Fill your pool with water and enjoy

Start filling your swimming pool with clean water up to the desired level.

You can consider shocking your pool with chlorine if the water turns out to be green.

During shocking, the pump should be kept running to ensure that water continually circulates in the pool.

You can now enjoy your swimming pool.


Installing above ground swimming pools is a faster and economical way of having a swimming pool in your compound.

The bottom line is that you get to enjoy the pool without breaking the bank.

You can do it yourself with the help of friends while being cautious at every stage.

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