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How to Get Rid of Old Furniture in Your Home: The Only Guide You Need

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The average household has over 300,000 items in it.

While that might sound like a lot, it is easy to keep piling things into your home without even realizing it.

The garage starts out empty and all of a sudden you blink and it is filled to the brim with boxes.

You might even have old furniture and other large items you need to get rid of but it’s not always easy.

If you don’t know how to get rid of old furniture and other large items it can be difficult to know the best way to get it out of your house.

We are here to help, so continue reading this article to learn tips for getting rid of old furniture and other large items you don’t want anymore.

Release Emotional Attachment

One of the reasons it is difficult for people to get rid of old furniture and do a house clearance is because of emotional reasons.

If the old furniture and other things have sentimental value to you, you might want to hold onto them.

Unless they are helping you in some way, it’s better to let them go.

Determine How Much Stuff You Have That Needs to Go

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Before you can make your plan, you need to figure out how big of a challenge you’re facing.

There will be a very different strategy if you’re trying to get rid of one chair vs. trying to offload a full house of furniture.

Besides the number of things you have to throw out, you also need to consider their dimensions, the materials they are made from and how much time you have to take on the task.

If you think you can just leave your things out by the road and the garbage truck will pick them up, that isn’t always the case.

Before you put anything large by the roadside, make sure to speak to the garbage company and get the okay to do so.

They likely have strict guidelines for what is and isn’t allowed to be left at the curb.

Instead of trashing your things, consider opting for recycling.

Recycling Options for Old Furniture and Other Items

You might not think anyone would be interested in your old furniture, but there are many people that love restoring old furniture.

Some people might even think the furniture you’re getting rid of is nice as-is.

If your furniture is broken, you can break it down further, separate it and put it in different bins at the recycling place.

This might take a little time, but it will help the environment and you can feel good about your efforts.

When you don’t have enough time to do something like this yourself, you might consider hiring a junk removal company to get rid of your old things.

Consider Donating

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Every area has a local charity that can benefit from old furniture that isn’t in too bad of condition.

Many charities will even take furniture that needs a little love and care, fix it up and sell it for a decent price.

You’ll be able to get rid of the things you didn’t want anymore and you’ll be able to do some good at the same time.

Post It for Free on Craigslist

Craigslist has a section where you can post things that are free.

It only takes a few minutes to list and you can usually get rid of your things quickly.

Make sure you specify that people need to have their own way to pick things up and that you won’t be making deliveries.

Even though you’re giving things away for free, there are still people that will ask you to make a delivery, so get that out of the way up front.

Let the Delivery Company Haul It Away

If you’re replacing your old things with new things, you might be able to get the delivery company to haul it away for you.

Some businesses offer this as a perk for buying from them, so make sure you ask them if they can take your old things when they bring the new ones.

Use Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is a great place to get attention for the things you want to get rid of.

Even if you don’t think people would want to buy it — try listing it anyway.

You never know what people are going to show an interest in.

Using the Facebook marketplace is easy and you can vet people easier there than if you list your items on sites like craigslist.

Since you can see people’s Facebook profiles, you can get a feel of if they are a legitimate person or not.

Put It by the Curb for Free

If you are getting rid of something nice, there might be people in your neighborhood that would like to have it.

Put the things you no longer want by the curb for free and you’re likely to get rid of some of the things you put out there and help a neighbor at the same time.

How to Get Rid of Old Furniture and Other Large Items – Now You Know

Now you know how to get rid of old furniture and other large items.

You don’t have to deal with clutter in your home and have an overcrowded and unorganized house.

Do you want to learn more about organization, DIY projects, and other interesting things?

Continue reading through our site to learn more about the things that matter to you.

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