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How to Decorate Your Home with Fresh Poinsettias

fresh poinsettia decor

The vivid red color of poinsettias symbolically represents the blood of Christ, and why many people have a plethora of these colorful plants during the holiday season.

But Mexicans celebrate Poinsettia Day on December 12, because of this symbolism and to honor Joel Roberts Poinsett. He was the first US ambassador to Mexico and a founding member of the Smithsonian Museum.

Being fascinated with these vibrant red flowers while traveling in Mexico, he took clipping back to his home in South Carolina, opening up America to this beautiful plant. Ever since, we call have called it the Poinsettia!

The large, bright petals combined with the lush green leaves offer the perfect combination of Christmas colors.

So, where to display this festive plant in your home? Of course, they look fantastic on a front porch or adorning a wreath. But for the inside, here are some tips for decorating with fresh poinsettias!

For the Table

Have you considered adding this fresh flower to your tablescape?

Fill up your centerpiece with the flowers, leaves, evergreen branches, pine cones, and winter berries.

The natural feel will bring the crisp outdoors in with such organic elements.

But the holidays often mean hosting family and friends around your table.

If you need more than one centerpiece, space out the poinsettias and woodsy elements in multiple pots, buckets, or vases. Another elegant look is to create one long, but low, centerpiece along your table runner.

Then you have no worries about seeing the people seated across from you. (However, a giant centerpiece may mean less room for your holiday cuisine!)

Your dining room table looks great with a centerpiece, but so would your mantle, piano, china cabinet, or dresser. Space out lovely poinsettias across your home to add some red cheer to every room!

Mini Poinsettias for All Around Your Home

Speaking of spreading out, why not take single poinsettia flowers and place them in a mini vase, bucket, flower pot, ornament, or jar.

A small flower delivers a bright pop of red, a natural ambiance, and Christmasy feel!

I love how these pots make a festive table when placed upon your season dishes. Scattered on a tray or living room table spreads the festivity beyond your Christmas tree.

Add it to existing flowers, such as roses or mums, for an additional expression of color.

Poinsettias Are Perfect for Pots!

If you pick up a poinsettia from your local florist or garden shop, it will probably come in a basic pot, perhaps wrapped with colorful cellophane. Don’t feel confined to leave your beautiful plant in the pot it came it!

Mason jars are a crafty solution. Paint your spar jars in Christmas colors or wrap with your favorite holiday ribbon.

Hot glue candy canes in a bundle to form a vase-like shape. The red and white stripes align great with the red poinsettia leaves!

A farmhouse Christmas means all things burlap and rustic. Wrap your pot in a strips of burlap, or place it inside of a galvanized silver bucket. Don’t forget how a touch of lace or bow of burlap can transform everything into farmhouse style!

For a more unique style, set your fresh holiday poinsettia inside a punch bowl, decorative urn, lantern, or candle holder. Still can’t find something just right for your poinsettias? Snag a pair of rain boots and call it a day!

poinsettia vase

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When you think Christmas, you probably think red and green!

Other than a Christmas tree, fresh poinsettias are a fabulous red and green element to spice up your home for the holidays.

Festive poinsettias match well with evergreens, pine cones, and winter berries. Plop them in a bucket, arrange them on your table, or display them in a pretty vase.

Wherever you decide to place them in your home, poinsettias will bring a smile to your face and extra Christmas spirit to your space!

Curious how to care for your poinsettia? Here are some excellent directions!

Look at the cute DIY Poinsettia Pillows that you can make this Christmas season, too!

poinsettia pillow

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