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Mixed Up Memories: How to Create a Stunning Picture Frame Collage on Your Wall

picture frame collage on wall

Contrary to what you may believe, the online photo printing industry is expected to see $3 billion in total revenue in 2020.

Pictures are making their way out of smartphones!

Are you contributing to the growth of the photo printing industry?

Do you like to have concrete evidence of your family’s memories?

Putting your pictures up in frames on a wall is a great way to showcase your treasured moments.

Use your family’s memories in a wall photo collage to create a homey feeling and add a decorative element to your walls.

Keep reading to learn how to create a stunning picture frame collage.

Create a Picture Frame Collage in Your Home

Create a unique photo collage on your wall to fill an empty space.

Putting your pictures together in a wall collage will put a smile on your face each time you pass it.

Let’s look at some tips for doing it right.

Choose Your Theme and Photos

family photos collage

What pictures do you want to hang in your wall picture collage? Headshots of your children?

Family vacation photos? Pictures of places you’ve visited?

Put your photos together to create a theme.

Once you decide on your theme, you can add decorative accents like wood letters, signs, or vinyl wall clings that spell out “family” or “travel” for example.

Where Will You Hang Your Wall Collage?

Do you want to make a photo collage going up your stairs? How about your family room wall?

The room you choose for your wall collage will probably depend on your theme.

Pictures of your kids as they grow, for example, would be perfect for the playroom.

No matter which room you choose, choose a wall that is easily accessible.

Think about how you’re going to install the pictures. Are you going to use frames, photo ledges, and other accents?

Remember you’ll want to change out pictures over time and your wall picture collage will need dusting too.

Measure and Arrange Before Hanging

couple hanging photo frame

Measure your wall space and choose a part of that space to create a focal point with your photos.

Plan to hang them at eye level as a rule of thumb.

Arrange your photos and other articles on a table or the floor to create your plan before you start making holes in the wall.

You can use butcher paper to mark where holes need to go and then affix the paper to the wall to act as a template.

You can also use painters tape to block out spaces on the wall to get an idea of how it will look before hanging everything.

Colored or Black and White Photos?

Are you looking at your photos and thinking about doing something to make a statement?

Do you have an image that you want to change to black and white?

Make image black and white using a photo editing app. Or use the app to put different filters on your images.

The possibilities are endless.

Decorate With Photos

Now that you know how to create a picture frame collage, you can choose the perfect pictures to display in your home.

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