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How Much Does a Deck Cost? A Guide on What You Can Expect to Pay

Spacious wooden deck with benches and attached pergola

Do you have a big garden?

Having a great home is one thing but creating a garden that we love can be like surrounding ourselves in paradise.

But a garden is more than just some great plants and a nice lawn.

If we want to sit out in our garden and truly enjoy the glorious weather we will need a deck.

If you’re wondering just how much does a deck cost then don’t despair.

We have all the answers for you so that you can create the perfect deck in your garden.

Here’s what you need to know.

What is a Deck?

Wooden deck of family home.

A deck is a raised area usually in the garden area and connected to the house or conservatory made of wood.

In the era of bitcoin and the internet of things, it’s an area designed for sitting outside and getting away from it all.

Enjoying the garden with some comfort of the inside.

Some decks can have wooden canopies overlooking them to ensure you can leave some deck chairs out on the deck even if it rains.

Often they will also have a wooden rail lining the edges to section them off from the main garden.

What Material Will You Use?

To establish deck design and cost you need to first decide what material you will use for your deck.

The better the material, the more expensive the deck itself will be but the longer the desk will last.

The cost of the deck itself varies a lot and can be anything from a few dollars per square feet to $75 per square feet.

Here are some materials you might want to consider.


Wooden brown background. Smooth polished wood

A mahogany deck will give you a nice clear and shiny finish, it is also relatively cheap when it comes to deck pricing at around $8-$11 per square feet.

Some of the advantages of it include the fact it will have a natural appearance once finished and if you stain it, the stains will fit in well as if they are part of the design.

But the cost of maintaining it might outweigh the savings you made on choosing mahogany compared to other materials.


This wood is harder to track down then other woods because it is tightly controlled by regulations since it is largely imported from tropical regions.

It will only get harder to come by because of the climate emergency in years to come.

However, if you manage to get yourself some you are in luck. It can cost up to $20 per square feet but it can last you up to 25 years.

The downsides are although it will last you a long time without the need for replacing it, you will pay for workers to come and install it as you will need an expert who understands how to treat it.

You might want to try this deck builder to see if they can offer a great solution to deck installation.

How Much Does a Deck Cost? Depends On You

If you are wondering about deck installation costs then the answer is simple, it depends on what material you order and your own personal preferences.

If you are interested in reading more about how much does a deck cost or you want a deck estimator then be sure to check out the rest of our site.

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