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10 Creative Tips for Decorating a Small Student Room

student room

People tend to get used to the interior in their apartments quickly.

We frequently feel an impelling urge to re-paint the walls or buy new furniture.

It’s been said that living in a dormitory restricts our imagination and opportunities.

Moreover, students’ rooms are limited in space, and usually, you have to share them with roommates.

These facts mean that you have to be flexible enough to decorate your place in a way so that both are comfortable and happy.

At the same time, a dorm room is not just a bedroom where you rest and watch Netflix.

It’s a combination of a sleeping place, a working space where you write your papers and do homework, and a guest room.

Taking into account all the factors, we have prepared a list of good ideas that you can consider while planning the decoration of a small apartment in a dorm.

Decorate those walls!

whiteboard photographs sticky


There are thousands of options on how to alter the walls.

Using photos, posters, or pictures is just one of them.

Forget about traditional photo-frames and let your imagination guide you.

Use ropes or ribbons to hang images with the help of clothes pegs or binder clips above your bed or table.

Paint classical photo-frames, experiment with gradient, and don’t be afraid of extreme geometrical shapes.

Do not hesitate to use leaves, flowers, or painter’s tape as templates or to create an extraordinary pattern while painting your walls.

Do you like to collect dried plants? Use them instead of photos.

mood board is another excellent option of decorating walls and visualizing your dreams and setting goals.

Besides, you can use it as a planner and reminder with bright stickers and labels.

Work on the illumination

Right illumination in particular zones can change the whole interior.

Create a USB powered lamp from a glass bottle, jar, or even metal can.

Decorate it with art tape or acrylic paint. And, of course, you need a USB LED cord for sensor lights.

Once you have decorated the bottle, add a lamp-shade or leave it as it is.

Fairy lights can help you to create a cozy and snug corner or highlight one of the zones.

Don’t forget about the candles; however, make sure you don’t leave them on when you leave the room.

Besides, ask your roommate about possible allergic reactions to various fragrances.

Working space matters

student wall decor

The working zone doesn’t have to be boring.

Clearly, you have only one table in your room, and you not only study at it but also have breakfast, etc.

But you can decorate the area of the wall near it with clipart or pictures.

You can make them out of a regular tablet with a clamp of colored paper.

Just cut the paper to the size of the tablet and glue it to the wall.

A few of these colored clipart clips on the wall (attached with buttons) will not only decorate the working space but will also be useful if you need a cheat sheet for classes or a calendar on the wall.

You can also attach a note for your roommate or a photo of your beloved grandmother.

By the way, do not forget to make unique containers for pens, pencils, and other essential stationery.

You can make them from jars of different heights and materials, glass mayonnaise jars, plastic cream jars, or even disposable plastic cups.

Paint them as you like and use some ornaments to decorate.

Even a simple metal can become an extraordinary accessory on your table.

Ornament the door and add some new functions to it

The door to the dorm room is boring, but you can change it with a color tape.

Use the tape to give the drawing a geometrically correct shape, add a phrase, stickers, or a funny sign, and you are good to go.

Unfortunately, it is hard and painful to think about the dormitory decor if there is no place to store things.

However, your door can become your saver.

You may never have thought that keeping your stuff on the door is possible! Just make a hanging set of shelves or pockets, and additional storing space is done!

Add mirrors

Mirrors help to expand space visually.

If you have a mirror, you can use fairy lights to decorate it.

Moreover, you can always think of altering the frame or replacing it for a new one.

In addition to a decorative element, you will get a new location for taking pictures for Instagram.

Decorate open shelves

If you have old-fashioned open bookshelves and you want to change them, use the color tape to cover the edges of the open shelves.

It’s a budget project that can add you some color to your room.

Besides, if you get sick and tired of them, you can pick another tape.

Construct brand-new shelves

Add something extraordinary to the interior.

For example, you can make hanging shelves using thick rope, clips, paint, and two rectangular pieces of plywood.

Take a piece of wood, clamp it with two sheets of plywood.

Drill in four places at an equal distance.

Cut the ropes of the required size, fasten the shelves, hang them from the ceiling. Voila! A new storing space is ready.

Choose multi-functional furniture

It is vital to have furniture that can combine many functions in a limited space.

For example, you can buy a box that can be used as a bookcase or a place to store footwear and also as a pouf.

A convertible table can be a lifesaver when your friends come over.

Alter your chairs

Folding chairs are also an excellent option for small rooms.

Unfortunately, they are not too good-looking. Give them a new life!

Dye the fabric and base of the chair. Attach the changed material to the chair using the brackets.

Assemble the chair, and it’s done!

Add a living organism

Besides the fact that flowers produce oxygen, they also decorate the space around us.

Place a few cacti or succulents in the working area, and a couple of unpretentious plants and put them on shelves, window sills or make macrame lace cache pot.

Minimal effort and maximum coziness are guaranteed!

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