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Hose Caddy Planter

Do you love the look of your yard with the exception of that unsightly hose laying coiled like a giant snake on the lawn? Amy at DIYCandy had the same problem until she designed a beautiful hose caddy that doubles as a planter.


She constructed her caddy/planter from pallet wood, and the result looks like it came from a high-end garden store. Amy gives us a complete list of supplies for this project as well as step-by-step instructions for completing the project. Although the supply list is fairly long, once you read through the directions, you’ll see that it’s pretty straightforward and not really difficult. Amy includes a handy video illustrating the best way to dismantle a pallet, and she provides great hints to help get a professional look such as allowing the wood to dry out for several weeks prior to using it so it won’t shrink.


The finishing touch is staining the caddy with a weather resistant stain and adding hardware and hardware cloth to the planter section.

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