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9 Best Home Stores in Toronto For Decorations

Decor items in store

Toronto happens to be one of the finest places to live in all of Canada.

Not only does it feature a diverse community of humans who migrate from around the world, but because of its vast immigration, there are a variety of home décor stores that cater to such people.

In this article, we’ve taken the liberty of preparing a list of some of the hottest retail and or online home stores in Toronto that are guaranteed to cater to anyone of any background, language, style, or budget.

  1. Umbra

Although Umbra is known worldwide, the furniture and home‌ ‌decor‌ brand initially started out here in Canada. As a matter of fact, most of what you’ll find at the store has actually been made in Toronto.

You’ll find many of the brand’s selection of sleek, modern, and functional home accessories, such as mirrors, organization, jewelry displays, frames and so much more. What’s more, is that you’ll find some of the best selling products at unbelievable deals and discounts from the brand’s official website.

  1. DesignRepublic

DesignRepublic has been in the business for nearly a decade since opening up shop in 2010 and can be found around Queen and Bathurst. It started out as a wholesale showroom but then got upgraded into a popular haven to shop for home design accessories in the entire city.

DesignRepublic specializes in a handful of pieces made for a variety of purposes, including vintage pieces, industrial designs, as well as solid steel and wood tables.

  1. Passion for The‌ ‌Past‌ ‌Antiques‌ & Collectibles

And now we shift on to a more classic approach with vintage collectibles. The name of the shop may be a mouthful, but it specializes in collectible and antique jewelry and kitchenware. It is located on 1646 Queen Street and has been in business for over 20 years now. It offers some of the most fascinating items between the Victorian era to the 1960s.

In spite of their vintage appearance, the items have been reasonably priced which is why negotiations and sales are pretty common at the shop. And if to dress your table up into something fancy for the holidays, you’d be wise to visit this shop to make that happen.

Furthermore, the rare items make wondrous gifts for antique collectors. This is also one of the rare shops where you can search the items up online from the comfort of your own home.

  1. Black Rooster Decor

The Black Rooster Decor is another one of the choicest home decor stores in Toronto. It’s run by a loving husband and wife team who offer some unique, attractive home, contemporary lighting accessories, rugs, wall art, etc. Any of the pieces that you find online has been carefully assembled.

You’ll even come across the Jonathan Adler collection for which this shop is an exclusive dealer in Canada.

  1. Stylegarage

Another home decor store in Toronto that has over 20 years under its belt is Stylegarage. This shop is known for manufacturing and designing contemporary custom furniture in the GTA. In 2015, they opened up their two-floor showroom in Ossington, and are proud of being known as the first-ever Gus* Modern retailer.

And because the shop focuses mainly on Canadian-based products, they provide made-to-order designs constructed from locally-sourced and sustainable materials.

  1. Huizenga

Another one for the vintage collectors.  Don’t let its small, garage sale-like appearance fool you. Mrs. Huizenga has a lot more to offer on the inside than it does out. It belongs to Toronto resident Catherine Huizenga, who used to own a tiny shop from its previous location six years ago before transforming it into the vintage emporium that it is now.

Over here, you’ll find a slew of classic, unique collectibles, including funky couches or handmade vases.  Besides decorative items, the shop also features a wide range of women’s clothing and blast-from-the-past items like old kitchenware and postcards.

The shop has accumulated a sizable portion of shoppers who frequent the place as well as sell or rent some of their products as props of the film industry.

7.   VdeV

If you’re looking to give your home of a bohemian touch, look no further than VdeV.  It’s located in Montreal and features a wide set of home accents and furniture like pictures, candlesticks, pillows, etc. to look online.

The main themes of the shop include industrial and vintage and also comes with accessories for just about any type of room in a house.  You’ll even come across several pretty hard work items like hooks, knobs, and brackets to make simple upgrades that can make a lot of difference.

8.   Elte MKT

Elte is arguably one of the biggest high-end furniture retailers in all of Toronto.  It was first established in Paris in 1919 until the founder Elte went over to Toronto in 1944 in the hopes of sharing a vision that offers a vast set of unique home décor items from every corner of the world in just one location.  Elte MKT has a new spot that is right by the original showroom in Castlefield Design District in York.

It’s a 40,000 square-foot facility that used to be a factory and now caters to the urban, slightly younger audience who built their first house or condo.  If you want to be located close to this shop, then there are some great York region homes for sale that Ballymore Homes can hook you up with.

9.   Blackbird Vintage

If you really like collecting old items, then Blackbird can fix you up with a little bit of everything, from taxidermy animals to old chemistry instruments as well as a collection of contemporary Toronto memorabilia in one spot.

Located right in the center of the Distillery District, this well-known vintage shop specializes in strange and industrial items, while also being accompanied by beautiful pieces that any modern citizen can relate to and pick up in a jiffy – that too at relatively affordable price rates.

The Blackbird Vintage shop has been in operation for almost nine years and has become quite the hot spot for the locals and foreigners alike.

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