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7 Upgrade Ideas Perfect For Your Home Conservatory

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Whether you’ve just purchased a new home, or have been settled in your family abode for a while, some areas must be calling for renovations.

That’s often the case with home conservatories (also known as garden houses); they’re unique and inviting spaces filled with light and warmth.

In reality, many homeowners feel their conservatory isn’t living up to its full potential. It might be that the frames are in poor condition, windows are starting to look old, or the décor is frankly outdated.

Worry no more.

In the following guide, we flesh out 6 great ideas for a successful conservatory makeover to re-introduce modernity and charm into your space!

1. Invite Nature In

One of the best ways to give your home conservatory a fresh, elegant vibe is by incorporating natural elements.

Since these open areas are filled with sunlight, looking into adding a variety of indoor plants in pots and hangers.

They’ll be able to thrive and grow as well as give the space a luscious and vibrant atmosphere. The look and scent of plants can work wonders in elevating the room and improving your mood.

That said, choose your plants and flowers wisely and be sure not to skimp on daily maintenance.

2. Add Some Privacy

We all love a conservatory because it’s a bridge between the indoors and outdoors.

On sunny days, it provides an ideal space to relax, spend time with family, and soak in some good sun. Now, when the weather is not that clear, or you simply wish to cocoon up, conservatory blinds are a superb way to enjoy some privacy and bring some cozy vibes.

These are especially useful if you have neighbors close by. In any case, be sure to look for a specialized provider.

This will ensure you get a tailored solution and a team of experts to install your new blinds.

3. Modernize the Furniture

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A reason why you’re not feeling at ease in your garden home may have to do with the furniture and furnishing. In fact, old-looking or worn-out seating and tables can make any space look dull and bleak.

So, switch things up!

New furniture can give your conservatory a whole new vibe. Prefer light, toned-down colors for large ones such as the sofa, armchairs, benches, and tables.

You can then bring in some color with stylish area rugs, cushions, and throws. Scour the web to find inspiration for putting together your new décor.

4. Laminate the Floors

Another surefire way to modernize your conservatory is to upgrade the floorings. Typically, these spaces have tiled floors that give the place a cold and clinical atmosphere.

Now, instead of installing expensive hardwood floors, an option is to go for more affordable laminate floorings that will provide a warm, cozy feel.

Some quick research will allow you to find the best kind of laminates and choose the color that will best match your interior.

5. Update Old Frames

As far as the structure, most home conservatories were built using old uPVC, a material that’s admittedly durable yet can look dirty and worn-out if not tended to regularly.

To allow your space to enter the 21st century, look into replacing those old frames with modern uPVC ones. The material has greatly evolved and now offers superb thermal efficiency.

For a modern look, go for grey or aluminum-coated frames.

6. Replace the Doors and Windows

Lastly, but importantly, doors and windows comprise the entry and exit points of your home garden.

To impart a new sense of space, see how you could switch out these dated entryways for a fresh, renovated vibe.

Notably, bifold and French-style doors can help you bring in a marvelously elegant touch. After some research to get an idea of what could work for your space, feel free to reach out to your local contractor and let them guide you in exploring your options.

7. Have Your Roof Tiled

Upgrading your tired-looking roof is a superb way to turn your conservatory into a stylish, contemporary space.

Aside from that, it will also help maximize thermal efficiency!

No matter who originally built it, you’re bound to find a team of specialists who will do a great job of tiling your roof.

All in all, few things convey a feeling of sophistication and indoor-outdoor comfort than a newly renovated home conservatory. While these areas might have fallen out of fashion to the benefit of veranda extensions, you can still achieve a modern and elegant look for your prized home garden.

The internet will have valuable resources to help you gather inspiration, plan your renovation project, and find experts to customize the space to your liking and needs.

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