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“Holy Night” Heat Press Pillow

Jeanie from Create & Babble is a huge fan of knock offs. What’s not to like about saving money and customizing décor at the same time?!? Jeanie saw a “Holy Night” Christmas pillow from Birch Lane and had to have her own. She just wasn’t a fan of the $58 price tag or the fact that the pillow cover was made from burlap. That’s the beauty of DIY! Jeanie sewed up a cover from a neutral broadcloth fabric and then used a heat-press to add the lettering. She got the look she wanted with the material she wanted at the price she wanted!

DIY Christmas Pillow ~ Save money on Christmas decor by sewing your own pillow cover from inexpensive fabric and adding iron-on vinyl lettering!

Jeanie was inspired by the Holy Night Burlap Pillow Cover from Birch Lane.

Holy Night Burlap Pillow Cover

Go to Create & Babble for all the details.

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