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Holiday Star Ornament Display

If you are a fan of homemade decorations this project from Michelle at A Crafty Mix will have you gathering materials before you even finish reading her article. It is made from simple items like cardboard, lights, and ornaments, that will be sure to add a warm rich glow to your holiday decor.


Michelle provides a detailed list of supplies with great pictures to help you along the process. The instructions are quite easy to follow when you have great pictures. The idea of using styrofoam to hold the ornaments while you spray paint is perfect. Your hands will remain clean and the ornaments will dry properly. While the ornaments dry you can poke the holes in the cardboard and attach the lights.

Once everything is ready, add a little hot glue to each ornament and fill the box until you are pleased with the look. This would make a nice housewarming gift for a newly married couple celebrating their first holiday together. Thank you, Michelle, for a wonderful craft project sure to inspire crafters everywhere.

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