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Herringbone Coffee Table

Do you love the look of patterned wood? In this DIY, Sarah from sarahmdorseydesigns used driftwood from a local beach to create a herringbone designed table top.

driftwood herringbone table

She and her husband milled their own wood so this project was extremely time-consuming for them, but you can achieve the same look using thin strips of wood with the required width already cut, and this would reduce the time considerably. For a table measuring 37 inches X 29 inches, you’ll need approximately 300 pieces of wood. A piece of MDF cut to the size of the table top is the first layer. Then the strips of wood are placed in their pattern and glued to the top. The metal for the table frame can be purchased at any home improvement store, and this is then cut to size and bolted together.

driftwood herringbone table

Once the top and the frame are completed, they are sprayed with a poly sealer and screwed together.

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