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Have Fun with Backyard Dominoes

Are you looking for fun outdoor games that would suit adults and children? This backyard domino set would entertain young and old alike. Jen from the House of Wood shares with us her design for making these huge dominos pieces.

Imagine the fun everyone will have moving these pieces across the yard. Need an idea for keeping kids entertained visiting friends and family? Stack these in the car and take them along. Their lightweight design and durability will provide fun for years to come. With easy to follow instructions and pictures to help, these domino blocks can be made with some basic woodworking tools.

In order to get the wood stain color on the blocks Jen used a blow torch. If you are not comfortable with that, ask someone with experience in that area. Once you get them all done, it is time to have some fun in the sun. Have a great time with your backyard domino set.

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