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“Happy Haunting” Skeleton Wreath

Jeanette from Craft in Crosby loves Grandin Road’s Halloween décor, especially the wreaths, so it’s no surprise that a spooky “Happy Hauntings” wreath immediately caught her eye while perusing the catalog.

Jeannette knew she could make one for less than the $259 price tag – way less!

She gathered supplies from the dollar store and got to work, making her feathery skeleton wreath for only $12. What a fun combination of creepy and classy!

happy haunting halloween wreath

What You Need

You’ll probably need to hit up a couple stores to get all the materials, but “dollar” stores and Hobby Lobby will have everything!

  • Skeleton (skull and torso)
  • Feather boas
  • Halloween ribbon rolls
  • Halloween glitter stems
  • Willow wreaths
  • Coat hanger
  • Thin foam board
  • Purple paint

Basic Steps

  1. Make the “bones” for the actual wreath using the coat hanger and willow wreaths
  2. Glue on the boa feathers
  3. Position and wire in your skeleton (skull and torso)
  4. Cut out your foam board, paint purple and write your “Happy Haunting” sign
  5. Add the skeleton hat and loops of ribbon, glitter stems around the skeleton

Jeanette was inspired by the “Happy Hauntings” Wreath from Grandin Road.

The original looks a little bit more faded or washed out than Jeanette’s. Perhaps this gives it a spookier feel, but… I like that Jeanette’s more “vibrant” appearance makes it stand out a bit and creates more fun.

happy hauntings wreath

See how you can make your own Halloween wreath for only $12 at Craft in Crosby.

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Monday 15th of September 2014

Thanks so much for featuring our Happy Hauntings Wreath! You guys are awesome!


Tuesday 16th of September 2014

Glad I could, Jeanette! :-)

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