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Hanging Geometric Sculptures for Only $4

Amy from Delineate Your Dwelling was able to recreate Himmeli sculptures from Urban Outfitters using the simplest of materials for only $4!

Paper straws are the secret ingredient that made this project both simple and cheap. Amy shares exactly how she cut and strung the straws onto twine to create her geometric shapes.

There are so many variations you could make to these basic shapes too!

himmeli sculptures

It might not look like much when you see Amy’s supply list (see photo below), but a few straws, twine and some paint really do go a long way.

The real key ingredient is none other than your imagination. Think of it as suspended art, made just about as cheaply and easily any decor art could.

Don’t worry, even if your scissors don’t look quite as cool as Amy’s it’s okay. Anything that cuts will do!

Hang art decor supplies

Amy was inspired by the Prisma Wall Décor that is sold out from Urban Outfitters. It’s easy to take this inspiration and let your own creativity run wild. When it comes to shapes, designs, colors, beads, twine patterns, etc. the creations are completely limitless.

This project is actually perfect for a girls craft nightPicture a large table with straws, twine and beads stacked in the middle.

Get a few creative heads in the same room, and you never know what can come out of it with a basic but interesting project like this.

If you’re really bold, this project could also work for a craft project with some older kids. They would love the painting part the most. Let them give it their own unique style and hang their creations in their rooms.

prisma wall decor

Go to Delineate Your Dwelling for Amy’s complete tutorial to make your own Himmeli sculptures.

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