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Create A Hanging Light With Chicken Wire

Unless you’re prepared to spend a small fortune, a hanging light fixture can be boring and not very noteworthy. With a little patience, a very little bit of money, and some easily found supplies, you can create a rustic yet beautiful and unique fixture like Shayna from thewoodgraincottage did. Shayna wanted a unique farmhouse look in her laundry room, so she took the existing fixture and upcycled it using chicken wire to reflect this look.

farmhouse look

She takes us step-by-step through the process and gives a complete supply list for the project. The materials are inexpensive and available in a variety of places. Shayna used two different sized embroidery hoops for the top and bottom of the frame and basically filled the space between with chicken wire.

farmhouse look

She explains exactly how she created the perfect shape for her light fixture with detailed photos showing the construction process as well as the steps for painting the chicken wire to achieve the worn vintage look she wanted.

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