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Handpainted “Watercolor” Wall Art

With a new baby on the way, Camille from My Mommy Style has been busy planning her daughter’s big girl room. She was inspired to create her own colorful, beach house style wall art using retro wall paneling and paint. Thanks to the carefree style of the art and forgiving surface of the paneling, Camille was able to freehand the design for a pretty convincing knockoff.

pottery barn kids inspired diy wall art

The original inspiration came from the Sunshine + Saltwater and Create Happiness Watercolor Wall Art from PB Teen.

Sunshine   Saltwater Watercolor Art

watercolor art

Check it out at My Mommy Style.

Sharing is Caring!


Tuesday 27th of August 2013

Its not as though this person who did this is actually selling the work. they are just putting it up in their home


Monday 26th of August 2013

Not to mention katie makes a living mostly off of other peoples quotes. Yes they are mostly dead people who she does credit but still, not very original.


Sunday 25th of August 2013

I support artists but artists don't own their style. There is a reason you can't copyright style. Artists are influenced, EVERYONE is influenced. Blatant ripoffs (like this) are not cool, but i'm sick of artists screeching about people copying their style when it's just an influence. It kind of seems like an inflated sense of self-importance. :/


Friday 23rd of August 2013

While I am all for DIY projects, ripping off peoples artwork is taking away from someone's livelihood. That beautiful handdrawn wall art was created by independent artist, Katie Daisy, makes her living from selling items on her Etsy page and licensing out her work and is still in the "just starting out" phase. If you would like to purchase her pieces (super affordable) I would encourage everyone to travel that road instead of taking away from the beautiful pieces she creates.

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