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Handmade Autumn Wreaths For Your Home

Wreaths are no longer a Christmas-only decoration! They can be used year round, as long as they correspond to a holiday, theme, or season. Here are some interesting autumn wreaths that can be easily handmade using items from a craft store or even supplies that you may have laying around in your home.

Fall wreath with burlap rosettes

A fall wreath with burlap rosettes. The 36th Avenue

This wreath started off as a simple pile of twigs and small branches molded into a circle. It became something interesting and autumnal with the addition of burlap rosettes (burlap is definitely a fall fabric), some white faux pumpkins, and an accompanying white letter to signify the owners of the house whose door the wreath has been placed on.

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Colorful fabric wreath

Colorful fabric bunched decoratively can create a simple, yet interesting look. The 36th Avenue

Sometimes a wreath design can get away without showing its backing. This one consists of fabric that had been bunched and folded over in order to create an interesting pattern. It’s been attached to the wreath backing with some hot glue and a black ribbon was added, just to give the design another dimension. The choice of fabric colors matters here. The shades of tan, orange, and brick red are complimentary to each other, and all represent fall.

Pinecone wreath

A pinecone wreath for fall. The 36th Avenue

Nothing represents the colder parts of the year quite like pinecones. Whether they are bought from a craft store or harvested from your own yard, when they are attached to a wreath, they evoke this time of year. In fact, this wreath can be used during the winter as well, once the swath of fabric holding it to the door had been switched out for a nice deep red, forest green, or even an icy blue. Yes, the key here is the ribbon color, since the goldenrod shade used in the picture is very fall-like.

Festive wreath

Festive decorations and a fitting ribbon.The 36th Avenue

If you close your eyes and picture autumn, more than likely, this wreath comes to mind. The orange plaid ribbon and array of nuts and pinecones painted to match it make this a very festive decoration for the entire season. It makes a quite a statement as well.

Rolled bits of felt glued to a wooden frame.

Rolled bits of felt glued to a wooden frame. The 36th Avenue

Wreaths like this one are fairly easy to make, as long as you set aside the time to roll and attach all of the bits of felt to the twig and branch backing. Letting some of the wood shows gives it a nice texture, and the array of autumnal colors represented in the fabric choices make this one shine.

Unpopped popcorn

Make a statement with unpopped popcorn.The 36th Avenue

This wreath took some time to make, but the end result is completely worth it. It more than likely took hours upon hours to glue all of these dried corn kernels to the wreath backing. Thankfully, since they are dried, the wreath can be used for more than one season, as long as it’s stored properly.

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