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Great for Every Day Hairpin Table

Modern decor usually requires sleek lines, tailored edges, and minimal impact. This hairpin leg table from Shanty 2 Chic fits well into this definition. Not taking up too much space, the table works well in the small, yet modern dining area it sets in.

If you are looking for an industrial modern look, this table would fit beautifully. The table is constructed with a plank top. The pictures show how the holes are drilled using a jig and a drill. Although this seems like a simple process, you will want to get assistance if you are new to drilling pocket holes and using a drill.

Once your top is together you will add whatever stain or paint you desire and then the legs. This table would also work in a rectangular form for an entryway or behind the couch. Combine a modern style and function and you will have a great addition to your modern decor with this hairpin leg table.

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