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Get Cost Effective Home Design with Leftover Granite Remnants

granite counter top

Granite stones are one of the most popular home décor elements for 21st-century interior decoration trends.

To many people, granite is the best when it comes to stone quality.

But as such, to design a counter or kitchen slab with a single big granite piece can be quite expensive.

And what about the locations in your home?

Including table and kitchen slabs where there is a corner or any deviation in shape, it can get a bit more complex and boost up prices even more.

Buying a big slab is not economical if you can’t use it entirely. Fortunately, there is another answer:

Granite Remnants are leftover granite stones, cheaply available in the market.

And just like a full slab, you still produce an attractive interior design in a very cost-effective way.

But sometimes people are concerned about the aesthetic appearance and hesitate using remnants.

This is because they think remnants are not up to the mark for interior designing.

When used correctly, these “scraps” can make your interiors look classy and upgrade the ambience into ultramodern get up.

More importantly, it is not safe to use single big granite stone and install in many places such as a small vanity, fireplace surround, bar top, etc.

Also, you should note that these are not pits or used material, but the leftover granite stone from larger projects.

Really then, they are just as reliable and robust quality-wise while still looking great.

Flexible In Selection Saves Huge Bucks

You can come up with huge savings if you have a little patience when choosing the remnants.

In this context, you can assure yourself that you are going to get the same quality and texture of granite as the original big slab.

Thinking you have to compromise with the class of stone simply isn’t true..

The flexibility in selection means you can compromise in selecting color or finishing to save some bucks.

However, if you are going with a reputed and prominent supplier, you can also save by buying High-Quality Stone Remnants on Sale.

Many big suppliers want to clear their stock, and if you search well before buying, you can end up getting the really nice products at affordable prices.

DIY Leftover Granite Ideas

granite table with coffee

Granite remnants are versatile for both interior and exterior decoration and can be used at small countertop locations as well as many places in a house.

Some significant places where you can build countertop with granite remnants are mentioned as below:

  • Vanity- It is a very tiny structure where little pieces of stone are added up to give a complete finishing. You can even use different shapes and texture of granite remnants also in making vanity.
  • Bartop- Bar top slab is generally a small 2 feet slab in length and width are enough, and it can be made by joining different little pieces of stone.
  • Small kitchen slab- To keep/prepare bread and butter, you need a small chunk, here you can use granite remnants, which comes in a smooth texture and can easily washable.
  • Coffee table- Due to easily washable, you can make a coffee tabletop, or you can even just put on the top of a wooden table. It looks aesthetically pleasant also.
  • Patio- Different shape and design of granite remnants can also be used to enhance the exterior aesthetics of the lawn.
  • Bookcase- Small bookcase can be made and hang over the study table.
  • Dresser- Granite remnants can make small dresser to keep essential cosmetics.
  • Shelves
  • Accent rock in the yard
  • Window sills
  • Fireplace surrounds, and many more.

Places Where Granite Remnants Are Best Suited

granite bathroom sink

Decorating your home ambience is all up to you, but there are few places where the use of granite remnants becomes inevitable.

If you are using marble or granite stones to decorate your kitchen or bathroom, don’t throw away the leftover cut pieces.

You can use these remaining granite remnants in many other places too.

Take a look at the places where small granite remnants can be widely used:

  • Shelving and flooring
  • Perfect patio
  • Furniture and cork coaster
  • Flowerbed borders
  • Window sills
  • Accent rock in the yard
  • Cheese and bread slabs
  • Fireplace surround
  • Bathroom remodels
  • Small islands in walk-in closets

Modern homes come with modern décor and furnishing.

To give your home a unique and new get up granite remnants is the best option for you. Use some of these great leftover granite ideas to give your home that extra design kick.

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