Grain Sack Pillow Covers

I’m kind of like a kid in a candy shop when I get into IKEA. There is so much fun stuff in there, and my wallet really likes the prices. Emily from life{illustrated} shares a savvy secret for making pillows using 79 cent dish towels from the big blue store. With a few simple cuts and a little sewing, Emily whipped up some pillow covers that have all the look of a pricey Pottery Barn pillow without the expense.

diy grain sack pillow cover from ikea dish towel

Emily’s pillows are similar to the Grain Sack Stripe Pillow Cover from Pottery Barn.

grain sack stripe pillow cover

Find Emily’s easy peasy tutorial to make your own at life{illustrated}.

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  1. I always say to my husband on driving in, “it’s like an adult theme park”. He just rolls his eyes……

  2. This pillow cover is beautiful. I am very like very much.