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Goodwill Trinket Candlesticks

When Diana from The Girl Creative saw Anthropologie’s Trinket and Treasure Candlesticks, her thoughts were along the lines of, “Is there any way I can possibly knock this off for about 1,000% less?” That’s not too hard to understand considering they were $398… each candlestick. Diana made it her mission to pop into Goodwill whenever she could and find cute, kitschy pieces to make her own candlesticks. All Diana used was a hot glue gun and, in the end, saved herself $1,277.50 for three candlesticks!

DIY Home Decor ~ Make Anthropologie knock off candlesticks using Goodwill knick knacks!

Diana was inspired by the Trinkets and Treasures Candlesticks that is no longer available from Anthropologie.

Trinkets and Treasures Candlesticks from Anthropologie

. See how Diana made her thrift store candlesticks at The Girl Creative.

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